Welcome to my world…. a journey though my thoughts

Whats going on world… Not sure what made me open a Blog, but I have.  Let me give you some background… I’m 30 years old, recently laid off and in this wonderful ecconomic time it stinks.  I’ve worked for big and small business alike and let me tell you its everyones fault that we are here.  You watch politics and the commercials that you see make is seem like its one person or anothers fault, in reality everyone is at fault.  If you think about it, we are limited by our choices cause only so many people run.  Alot of us treat it like a popularity contest at school, some like people for looks, others because they are trendy, others because everyone else does, but in reality are we looking at the substance of each of our choices.  I’m not talking Obama and McCain directly, I’m talking every local, every state senator and representative.  Lets face it they are the ones that have the control, they can make laws for states, they can make laws for the country, heck the congress can turn over anything the president Vitos if they have the support.  Alot of people dont think their person has much pull, or that they vote for people because thats what they know, thats what they grew up with, or even just with name recognition. 

I guess what I’m saying is that we all have to pay attention to what is being done, cause every little ripple in time we leave, makes a mark on our world.  All it takes is one idea, one person, or one event to truly change the world.  Weather thats an asteroid hitting the planet giving us an ice age, a president freeing slaves, or a preacher calling for equil rights, all it takes is one person, one voice, one idea.  A non political example of this is the growth of the animimation company Pixar.  They had a vision to change animation, and they did it with a short…. they developed a story that tugged at the hears of its readers (even before anyone saw animation)  then they thew themselves into the deep end and challenged themselves…. the animation world was never the same again and never will be.  One small animation studio changed the likes of Disney, among others.

there are plenty of people out there thought history that did this, their companys or websites are the likes of Microsoft, Apple, MySpace, Facebook, Google, and YouTube. 

I guess in summery what I’m trying to say is everyone makes a mark, a dent into this world.  Some might feel invisible, others might wish they were, however we all make a mark, and every ones voice matters.  those colective voices have big decisions ahead of them, and sure there are outside influences.  We have to not only pay attention, and find out specifically what our politicians stand for, but pay attention to make sure they are the same person we elected last time.  If you don’t like something, then say something, or vote, or run yourself for a local office.  Every voice matters in some way, and everyone can make a difference. 

my advice to anyone who cares:  Find something your passionate about, and when you find it, don’t let go!


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