Tampa Rays?

First off, you will always be the Devil Rays to me.  Second, all you “crazed” fans can stick it, as non (well not many)  of you were fans last year.  Say what you want about Yankee and Redsox fans, but at least they follow their team in the Rough years.  I appreciate the fact that they won, they are having a great year and as such deserve to have a great time.  But you see and hear the fans down their and its just not right.  Only one fan has earned the right to act that way, and that’s Brian “Nasty Boy” Knobs cause he’s been a crazed fan for years even when they sucked.   Good luck Tampa, I actually am pulling for you as I’m not a fan of Philli… Just learn that true fans stick by their team.  Now that you have a winning team, in the future when they suck you have to stick by them, we shouldn’t see empty bleachers next year like every year prior to this.  To bad for sox tickets as it was cheaper to fly to Tampa and buy a ticket then I was to buy a ticket at Fenway… now not so much, looks like we will all just have to go to Baltimore games


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