Hooters Buffalo Wing Sauce Recipies?

Ok first off, let me tell you that hooters uses more then just Franks redhot and butter, for one thing that’s the recipe on the franks bottle… I’ve been a fan of buffalo wings for years, and trying to learn a good sauce.  I have perfected a sauce to my liking (it doest taste like Hooters) however I want to learn a few different flavor sauces…. it just bugs me when i see the “official secret recipe” things posted everywhere… there are two popular ones advertising this, the one with Crystal Louisiana sauce as the base and the franks base… I will say i do use Original Louisiana Sauce in my personal recipe, and it comes out good, i believe that Dominos does indeed use Franks hot sauce (not the buffalo sauce recipe).  I do wonder what hooters uses for ingredients in their hot sauce recipe or for that matter any of the other sauce recipes.  Let us not forget that they do have more then one sauce…..  everyone fry up some buffalo wings and enjoy

try my recipe

1 cup of Louisiana hot sauce

1/2 cup of Butter

2 tbls of garlic powder

1 tsp worcester sauce

a dash of onion powder (optional)

1 tsp season salt

4 tbls of brown sugar

mix all ingredients in a sauce pan, and let simmer on a medium / medium low heat, stirring occasionally. 

 for the wings you can fry them up naked and they will taste great, for those who like breading simply your favorite spices with some flower (consider garlic powder, perika, cyan pepper).  some recommend dipping the wing in butter milk if you have it before rolling in the flower however you don’t need to.  after wings are placed in flower mix, let sit in fridge for an hour (this lets the coating stick better).  take them out of the fridge and roll one more time in the flower mix, place in fryer cook in fryer at 350 -375.  for 10 – 15 min

the wings will come out good.  I recommend saving the sauce if you have left overs, its good for buffalo nachos as well.


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