Killer Kowalski Tribute Show

Man today was a long day… I was lucky enough to be able to donate my time and any normally earned wages to the Killer Kowalski Fund that is set up at Citizens Bank in Malden.  The funds are being used to pay Medical Bills for the late WWE legend Walter “Killer” Kowalski.

The Day was a fun time, due to circumstances beyond the control of the show, NIkoli Volkoff and Tito Santana were unable to attend, but replacing them were former ECW champion Justin Credible, Doink the Clown, and Spike Dudley.  Also in attendance were Dukes Dalton, Mike Hollow, Tony Roy, John Rodeo, Freightrain Dan, Zachary Springate, Vito “Scorch” Carlucci, Johnny “Fabulous” Cena Sr, Mr. Terry Allen, Richard Byrn, Frank Kazarian… all of which at some point in their career were taught or mentored by Walter.  Ox Baker, a former tag partner performed a nice tribute, pointing out to the crowd of hundreds that “In that very ring, Walter and I wrestled only a few years ago, winning the Tag Belts”  which is the truth, that night they went over the French Connection Antoine Roy and Rush.  JJ Dillion of 4 Horsemen Fame was there also in attendance, paying a wonderful tribute with old stories, one of which was when he was a young boy, seeing Walter at a live show and realizing that’s what he wanted to be, then pointing out that years later for his First sanctioned match, he debuted against Walter, Richard Byrn also wrestled in his debut against Walter.  Overall it was a great show, combinding a group of people that under normal circumstances you’d never see…. we had the Former Chaotic Wrestling Trainer, wrestle the USWF Trainer, we had Former WWE, TNA and others there, there was a Recording Artist from RCA doing the national anthem. 

I got to help out a bit, and took time to Talk to Frank Kazarian as I had not seen him in a while, he stated his arm is doing fine, he seemed pretty normal but stated that he is still months away as he cannot get cleared, he was in good spirits and flew in on his own dime from California for this show.  Idol Stevens of OVW and WWE Smackdown fame also did this, and had a great match with Hurricane John Walters (note to the crowd, John walters had the nickname prior to sugar shane helms).  Some more guys from WWE wanted to be there *(such as Triple H) but as they had a PPV tonight they could not, but there were gift baskets, a broken autographed guitar (owned by Tony Roy, used and autographed by Honkey Tonk Man) was donated along with Autographed Killer Kowalski action figures and photos from wrestlers all over the world.  It was just good to see some old faces, and remember what wrestling was like when i first broke into the business 10 years ago.  And some good money was raised for a great cause

Walter, We will miss you, but it was an honor to have worked with you.


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