Obama…. Congrats

First off let me say I am an independent from the state of NH… not a party politics kind of guy… McCain wasn’t a bad man, scared me on a few fronts, one being his age, second, I know he’s a war hero, but having someone who was tortured for 5 years as your leader, one wonders of his mental state.  My wife is a Mental Health Therapist, so I understand that some psychological events and traumas can cause problems in ones life and can effect their actions and or reactions, and third, if anything happened to him we’d be stuck with Palin, who is attractive, however all she did was attack, not always checking her facts and spouting off about things she didn’t know about, and if she did that as president, that’s how wars can start… now i think she can be a powerhouse in the future, and would not be surprised to see a showdown with Hillary in 8 years…

As for Obama, love him or hate him, history was made.  And might I say that man can deliver a speech.  I’ve always said that if I elect a leader I want him to speak the truth, or at least sound believable when he lies… lets face is, Speaking is not Bush’s strong points and listening to a speech of his can be torture…he has gotten better over the years though….

I think change will be good for this country, hope we can all stay so positve over the next few years.


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