looking for jobs….

Man the economy is looking bad.  At some point it must have been looking better, cause when I graduated college in 2001, there were not many jobs, and it took quite a while to find anything.  the economy seemed to level off a little but then started crashing again…. now, the unemployment rate is the highest its been in 14 year.  No industry appears to be safe outside of the health industry and teaching.  You see all these experts saying what needs to be done, but in some cases its tough.  I heard one expert on CNN said to clean up your resume and put details (good advice) then said “put, you increased widget sales 98%”  as a detail followed with “if you did increase it that is”.  How many people know the exact percentage of how they effected their job, they then went on to say if you helped invent something at your company, put that….. Let me guess that the top inventors at the companies are probably not the ones looking for jobs, its the peons at the bottom that come in and do their job day in and day out to make sure the company can operate, that are being effected the most.  The people working the lines, working the phones, taking out your trash, and getting your coffee.  I’m really not overly worried about the mechanical engineer that makes upwards of 80 grand a year, my guess is that he will land on his feet ok.  The economy started slipping in late 2000, and no one did anything, 9/11 hit and it went into the crapper a little bit more.  A few years later we moved on a little, the pain got a little less and some companies started business as normal, but still not what it was prior to 2000, but its ok cause they were able to use the excuse of 9/11.  now its 2008, gas prices were over $4 a gallon this past year, the economy is in the crapper, the market has had its biggest falling out since the great depression, and now people are worried and asking whats going to be done.  News flash, this has been slowly hitting for almost a decade now… the biggest factor is fear.  People are not spending in fear that they will lose their jobs, lack of purchases cause less needed to be made.  Futures keep getting projected higher by economists on stuff like oil, causing their prices to go up. along with things like dairy products.  Now it costs more to drive our car, to feed our baby.  People worry about their jobs and don’t go anywhere cause the cost of living is increasing so much, but that 2.5% raise you got (if your lucky) doesn’t cover what your paying more compared to last year, so its not about getting ahead, its about not falling behind more then you fell behind last year.  This reverse cycle is what is causing us to land where we are right now.  People make less and are pumped with fear, so they don’t buy.  “experts” say in the future this will be worth more, so all of a sudden the price jumps on pure speculation…

I don’t have an answer but I hope to god someone figures out something…


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