Zack and Miri make a boring movie

Ok, let me start off by saying I am a big Kevin Smith fan….. I started my journey with him when Clerks first hit PPVon cable as my friends family had a descrambler wasn’t fond of the movie at first but my friend made us watch it so many times it grew on me…. fast forward a few years later people start talking about it, the next thing i knew Kevin Smith was the cool director.  By this time Mallrats was out, Chasing Amy was out as well.  I had already seen both, befriended other friends who love movies (especially Kevin Smith).  Might I say that the movies i mentioned were great, being Catholic I loved Dogma, I thought it was Genius… fast forward a few years later and Jersey Girl comes out… I think its decent for what it is, but had it not had his name on it it would just be another romantic comedy style movie (not even as good as Catch and Release)

His latest movie Zack and Miri is Cute, as good as Jersey Girl, and added a bit more of the typical Smith style humor…. news flash, it wasnt dogma, it wasnt mallrats, it definitely wasnt clerks.

it must be tough hitting a home run on your first flick, then have to constantly live up to it.  I wish him luck and hope he gets more acting gigs as I do enjoy Kevin Smith the actor (Catch and Release, and Die Hard IV).  I hope he can look inward and find that inner self that gave us so many wonderful movies.  His growth is great, being a father and husband, and of course his friend going sober… I just hope he can grab that brass ring one more time.


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