Feeling so small

For a big guy, sometimes I feel so small.  I hate when I am unable to express my feelings, not so much because I don’t know how, but more so because others Will not allow it.

Recently there was a local tragedy.  I knew someone involved in a car accident when another died.  I could not help but read the comments where so many were speaking out of their ass.  The typical ones that know everything and take no consideration for either family involved in the tragedy.  Well, I simply pointed out that what others listed inferred as what happened, are not the only possibilities.  However not only was I asked to remove my neutral comments by someone close to the situation, but my wife removed them (I had forgotten to log out apparently).  Out of respect for the family I understand, but at the same time in my neutral comments was condolences to the family who lost someone in accident.

I understand the request, however I don’t have to like it… I don’t like feeling silenced… feeling small


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