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Feeling so small

November 27, 2010

For a big guy, sometimes I feel so small.  I hate when I am unable to express my feelings, not so much because I don’t know how, but more so because others Will not allow it.

Recently there was a local tragedy.  I knew someone involved in a car accident when another died.  I could not help but read the comments where so many were speaking out of their ass.  The typical ones that know everything and take no consideration for either family involved in the tragedy.  Well, I simply pointed out that what others listed inferred as what happened, are not the only possibilities.  However not only was I asked to remove my neutral comments by someone close to the situation, but my wife removed them (I had forgotten to log out apparently).  Out of respect for the family I understand, but at the same time in my neutral comments was condolences to the family who lost someone in accident.

I understand the request, however I don’t have to like it… I don’t like feeling silenced… feeling small


Wow has it been a while

August 8, 2010

What is going on world…. Life has changed a bunch since the last post.  I’ve been married for a couple of years now and have a 6 month old daughter.  She was born with a serious heart condition that she will live with for the rest of her life. 

She got treatment from one of the best hospitals in the world, Childrens Hospital Boston.  right now there is a popular ABC show Boston Med, well some of her doctors have been featured there.  I got lucky, they discovered her condition on the first ultrasound at 18 weeks.  The heart surgery was a sucess and everything fixed.  for the rest of her life though she will have to have maintence done on her heart as she grows and eventually grows older.

She was born with a condition called Tetrology of Fallot with Pulmanary Atrasia… i know i probably spelled all of that wrong but basicly had a whole in her heart and no pulimanary arery valve… a bit of reconstruction but she came out good, a true fighter.  She has grown to be one of the best kids, so happy and content and although she is small for her age (12lbs at 6 months) she is just so happy.  I am a  proud daddy.

On another note I did end up finding a job for a little medical device company where the owner is an interesting fellow, not in a good way.  I am still trying to figure out though how XXX movies and adult novelties cound as medical devices in his mind.  He’s the type of guy who has customer service  tell angry customers there is no true owner due to stocks however he’s pretty much the only stock holder…  he refuses to face customers and was just an overall … well lets just leave it at that.  I must admit it was not a fun experience however I had every intention on making it work… I lasted a month before we severed ties…. he hired me to be a customer service manager / social marketing guy… They sold me on the fact that I would build these two departments and run them.  I spent the month of Aug 2009 in a wearhouse taping boxes and picking orders, covering for people on vacation and leave.  I was told this was to learn the business and what they do… they sell stuff on their website and on the Amazon not overly complex.  when everyone came back from vacation and leave all of a sudden they reconsidered the job roll and decided not to contine with a socal marketing position, and just added the customer service position to an existing employees job role… just hire a temp next time to cover vacations then.  Odd thing was i went on at least 4 interviews for this job and one of them was 5 hours long.  By 5 hours I dont mean job shadowing someone or a tour, I mean i sat in a confrence room for 5 hours. 

I was one of the lucky ones though, 3 months later i found a job in my field of Benefits Managment… oh an yeah it was  $15000 raise over what the lastjob had been paying me 3 months earlier.  I was just happy to be working again. 

I hope this economy turns around…people talk like its only been a few years but the ecconomy has been on the skids since around 2000… maybe eventually it will turn around

Zack and Miri make a boring movie

November 13, 2008

Ok, let me start off by saying I am a big Kevin Smith fan….. I started my journey with him when Clerks first hit PPVon cable as my friends family had a descrambler wasn’t fond of the movie at first but my friend made us watch it so many times it grew on me…. fast forward a few years later people start talking about it, the next thing i knew Kevin Smith was the cool director.  By this time Mallrats was out, Chasing Amy was out as well.  I had already seen both, befriended other friends who love movies (especially Kevin Smith).  Might I say that the movies i mentioned were great, being Catholic I loved Dogma, I thought it was Genius… fast forward a few years later and Jersey Girl comes out… I think its decent for what it is, but had it not had his name on it it would just be another romantic comedy style movie (not even as good as Catch and Release)

His latest movie Zack and Miri is Cute, as good as Jersey Girl, and added a bit more of the typical Smith style humor…. news flash, it wasnt dogma, it wasnt mallrats, it definitely wasnt clerks.

it must be tough hitting a home run on your first flick, then have to constantly live up to it.  I wish him luck and hope he gets more acting gigs as I do enjoy Kevin Smith the actor (Catch and Release, and Die Hard IV).  I hope he can look inward and find that inner self that gave us so many wonderful movies.  His growth is great, being a father and husband, and of course his friend going sober… I just hope he can grab that brass ring one more time.

looking for jobs….

November 7, 2008

Man the economy is looking bad.  At some point it must have been looking better, cause when I graduated college in 2001, there were not many jobs, and it took quite a while to find anything.  the economy seemed to level off a little but then started crashing again…. now, the unemployment rate is the highest its been in 14 year.  No industry appears to be safe outside of the health industry and teaching.  You see all these experts saying what needs to be done, but in some cases its tough.  I heard one expert on CNN said to clean up your resume and put details (good advice) then said “put, you increased widget sales 98%”  as a detail followed with “if you did increase it that is”.  How many people know the exact percentage of how they effected their job, they then went on to say if you helped invent something at your company, put that….. Let me guess that the top inventors at the companies are probably not the ones looking for jobs, its the peons at the bottom that come in and do their job day in and day out to make sure the company can operate, that are being effected the most.  The people working the lines, working the phones, taking out your trash, and getting your coffee.  I’m really not overly worried about the mechanical engineer that makes upwards of 80 grand a year, my guess is that he will land on his feet ok.  The economy started slipping in late 2000, and no one did anything, 9/11 hit and it went into the crapper a little bit more.  A few years later we moved on a little, the pain got a little less and some companies started business as normal, but still not what it was prior to 2000, but its ok cause they were able to use the excuse of 9/11.  now its 2008, gas prices were over $4 a gallon this past year, the economy is in the crapper, the market has had its biggest falling out since the great depression, and now people are worried and asking whats going to be done.  News flash, this has been slowly hitting for almost a decade now… the biggest factor is fear.  People are not spending in fear that they will lose their jobs, lack of purchases cause less needed to be made.  Futures keep getting projected higher by economists on stuff like oil, causing their prices to go up. along with things like dairy products.  Now it costs more to drive our car, to feed our baby.  People worry about their jobs and don’t go anywhere cause the cost of living is increasing so much, but that 2.5% raise you got (if your lucky) doesn’t cover what your paying more compared to last year, so its not about getting ahead, its about not falling behind more then you fell behind last year.  This reverse cycle is what is causing us to land where we are right now.  People make less and are pumped with fear, so they don’t buy.  “experts” say in the future this will be worth more, so all of a sudden the price jumps on pure speculation…

I don’t have an answer but I hope to god someone figures out something…

Obama…. Congrats

November 6, 2008

First off let me say I am an independent from the state of NH… not a party politics kind of guy… McCain wasn’t a bad man, scared me on a few fronts, one being his age, second, I know he’s a war hero, but having someone who was tortured for 5 years as your leader, one wonders of his mental state.  My wife is a Mental Health Therapist, so I understand that some psychological events and traumas can cause problems in ones life and can effect their actions and or reactions, and third, if anything happened to him we’d be stuck with Palin, who is attractive, however all she did was attack, not always checking her facts and spouting off about things she didn’t know about, and if she did that as president, that’s how wars can start… now i think she can be a powerhouse in the future, and would not be surprised to see a showdown with Hillary in 8 years…

As for Obama, love him or hate him, history was made.  And might I say that man can deliver a speech.  I’ve always said that if I elect a leader I want him to speak the truth, or at least sound believable when he lies… lets face is, Speaking is not Bush’s strong points and listening to a speech of his can be torture…he has gotten better over the years though….

I think change will be good for this country, hope we can all stay so positve over the next few years.


November 3, 2008

you know I like sports…. more of a Basketball – Baseball fan but I like hockey and Football as well… but football drives me nuts some times…  first off, when your team is up and you use every second on the clock before its a penalty, to me that’s lame, and second penalties drive me crazy, everyone gets so amped up over football but sometimes its tough for me to get into with a ref tossing a flag every 5 seconds…

sorry for lack of posts lately

November 3, 2008

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’ve been away the past few days… kids were cute dressed up coming for trick or treat this year… not to many duplicate costumes this year.  Posts should be back to a normal schedule this week…

Bryan McPherson on WAAF

October 27, 2008

Tonight at 11:30 on local station WAAF Bryan played a series of songs for Carmelita.  He did a wonderful, and did some different versions of some of his classics.  Bryan we are very proud of you to hear how far you have come in your life.  Check out his CD and his website

Killer Kowalski Tribute Show

October 27, 2008

Man today was a long day… I was lucky enough to be able to donate my time and any normally earned wages to the Killer Kowalski Fund that is set up at Citizens Bank in Malden.  The funds are being used to pay Medical Bills for the late WWE legend Walter “Killer” Kowalski.

The Day was a fun time, due to circumstances beyond the control of the show, NIkoli Volkoff and Tito Santana were unable to attend, but replacing them were former ECW champion Justin Credible, Doink the Clown, and Spike Dudley.  Also in attendance were Dukes Dalton, Mike Hollow, Tony Roy, John Rodeo, Freightrain Dan, Zachary Springate, Vito “Scorch” Carlucci, Johnny “Fabulous” Cena Sr, Mr. Terry Allen, Richard Byrn, Frank Kazarian… all of which at some point in their career were taught or mentored by Walter.  Ox Baker, a former tag partner performed a nice tribute, pointing out to the crowd of hundreds that “In that very ring, Walter and I wrestled only a few years ago, winning the Tag Belts”  which is the truth, that night they went over the French Connection Antoine Roy and Rush.  JJ Dillion of 4 Horsemen Fame was there also in attendance, paying a wonderful tribute with old stories, one of which was when he was a young boy, seeing Walter at a live show and realizing that’s what he wanted to be, then pointing out that years later for his First sanctioned match, he debuted against Walter, Richard Byrn also wrestled in his debut against Walter.  Overall it was a great show, combinding a group of people that under normal circumstances you’d never see…. we had the Former Chaotic Wrestling Trainer, wrestle the USWF Trainer, we had Former WWE, TNA and others there, there was a Recording Artist from RCA doing the national anthem. 

I got to help out a bit, and took time to Talk to Frank Kazarian as I had not seen him in a while, he stated his arm is doing fine, he seemed pretty normal but stated that he is still months away as he cannot get cleared, he was in good spirits and flew in on his own dime from California for this show.  Idol Stevens of OVW and WWE Smackdown fame also did this, and had a great match with Hurricane John Walters (note to the crowd, John walters had the nickname prior to sugar shane helms).  Some more guys from WWE wanted to be there *(such as Triple H) but as they had a PPV tonight they could not, but there were gift baskets, a broken autographed guitar (owned by Tony Roy, used and autographed by Honkey Tonk Man) was donated along with Autographed Killer Kowalski action figures and photos from wrestlers all over the world.  It was just good to see some old faces, and remember what wrestling was like when i first broke into the business 10 years ago.  And some good money was raised for a great cause

Walter, We will miss you, but it was an honor to have worked with you.

Hooters Buffalo Wing Sauce Recipies?

October 25, 2008

Ok first off, let me tell you that hooters uses more then just Franks redhot and butter, for one thing that’s the recipe on the franks bottle… I’ve been a fan of buffalo wings for years, and trying to learn a good sauce.  I have perfected a sauce to my liking (it doest taste like Hooters) however I want to learn a few different flavor sauces…. it just bugs me when i see the “official secret recipe” things posted everywhere… there are two popular ones advertising this, the one with Crystal Louisiana sauce as the base and the franks base… I will say i do use Original Louisiana Sauce in my personal recipe, and it comes out good, i believe that Dominos does indeed use Franks hot sauce (not the buffalo sauce recipe).  I do wonder what hooters uses for ingredients in their hot sauce recipe or for that matter any of the other sauce recipes.  Let us not forget that they do have more then one sauce…..  everyone fry up some buffalo wings and enjoy

try my recipe

1 cup of Louisiana hot sauce

1/2 cup of Butter

2 tbls of garlic powder

1 tsp worcester sauce

a dash of onion powder (optional)

1 tsp season salt

4 tbls of brown sugar

mix all ingredients in a sauce pan, and let simmer on a medium / medium low heat, stirring occasionally. 

 for the wings you can fry them up naked and they will taste great, for those who like breading simply your favorite spices with some flower (consider garlic powder, perika, cyan pepper).  some recommend dipping the wing in butter milk if you have it before rolling in the flower however you don’t need to.  after wings are placed in flower mix, let sit in fridge for an hour (this lets the coating stick better).  take them out of the fridge and roll one more time in the flower mix, place in fryer cook in fryer at 350 -375.  for 10 – 15 min

the wings will come out good.  I recommend saving the sauce if you have left overs, its good for buffalo nachos as well.