WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is getting a little full of themselves.

October 25, 2008

Ok, I’ve been a wrestling fan for many years, I’ve worked in wrestling for about 10 years now.  I’ve always followed the big leagues and the local stuff.  I never intended on going to the national scene (even if i had the ability).  But this blog is coming completely from a fans perspective.

First is the big one for me… when fans chant E – C – W! is has noting to do with anything you did Vince.  Yeah you helped out heyman back in the day, giving him money, and even a little TV time on Raw early on, however the true ECW fans remember the bloody wars they put on, they remember having to run out of the first second and third row as RVD or a Dudley or Sabu landed in what was once your seat….. the buildings were small and intimate, it was a fun time… you cared about them because they made you, Raven – Stevie  – and the 85 Dudley family member entertained you…Vince , it was big and passionate because of Paul E and Wrestlers he had with him, not because you brought it to Sci – Fi gave them a cheesy belt and jobbed the originals out of the company.

Second, Guess what WWE, you can try to hid all you want, changing Wrestlers to Superstars, calling wrestling sports entertainment, but come on now, having your announcers call them entertainers, and ban them from calling it wrestling or even referring it to any sport event… interesting that you still Call yourself World Wrestling Entertainment, changed from World Wrestling Federation, which came from World Wide Wrestling Federation….. my guess is they will be World Wide Entertainment soon, getting the wrestling out of their title even more…

Third, I’m glad your bringing in new characters, but what is up with the god awful names you give everyone these days….. the worst had to be changing Monty Brown to Marcus Cor Von… sure no one will know the former TNA x division champ, who played professional Football for the Patriots, no one at all… I know you just want to own the name rights to their characters so that if they leave no one will know them… it worked so well with Razor Ramon and Diesel, oh wait you made them house hold names anyway and gave them an idea for possibly the greatest Faction ever made…  Sometimes I wish Vince, Steff and the rest of the staff would let wrestling breath a little.  If they took the same approach in the 80’s as they do now, they might not have had half of the great Wrestlers that they did, one must wonder if Hogan, Savage or Jake the Snake would have ever been as big if they had to read fully scripted interviews.

but at the same time i have to slap TNA around a bit…. you had an X division that gave you world wide exposure, why did you get rid of it and then have the Dudley’s beat up the entire division by themselves… the “Legends” can bring people, but you should really showcase yourselves as a different product, cause right  now i feel like I’m waiting WCW Saturday Night, and it Blows

Changes I’d make in wrestling… first off Tag divisions matter, WWE you have so many guys you don’t know what to do with them, half of them have shit gimmicks or none at all, so why not invest them in a tag division till you know what to do with them, face it had you not done that with Shawn Michaels we might never have seen him as a champion, you can argue that Diesel is the same way along with Bret Hart.  Second to that, since you don’t care about Tag Divisions, you shouldn’t have two sets of titles…get rid of one.  Third… the IC title matters, I remember watching the old wrestlemanias and thought matches like Ricky the Dragon vs Savage stole the show, the belt mattered, even with Honkey Tonk Man, Bret Hart, Moutie, Michaels… now no one cares… why don’t you create a division for that belt, give them something to do, not just the two wrestling for that belt on that night… it seems everyone is in the heavyweight division, which it shouldn’t be.

changes to TNA, keep your legends title and everything your doing with them, and I applaud that you have somewhat of a tag division, but build and capitalize on the X division, that was your bread and butter, that’s what got people talking about TNA, it wasn’t Kurt Angle or Christian no offence to either of them.

that’s all for now, should be interesting to see what WWE does next, I’m sure their entertainers in the Traveling Road Show should be interesting to see what direction Vinny Mac wants the company.


Tampa Rays?

October 24, 2008

First off, you will always be the Devil Rays to me.  Second, all you “crazed” fans can stick it, as non (well not many)  of you were fans last year.  Say what you want about Yankee and Redsox fans, but at least they follow their team in the Rough years.  I appreciate the fact that they won, they are having a great year and as such deserve to have a great time.  But you see and hear the fans down their and its just not right.  Only one fan has earned the right to act that way, and that’s Brian “Nasty Boy” Knobs cause he’s been a crazed fan for years even when they sucked.   Good luck Tampa, I actually am pulling for you as I’m not a fan of Philli… Just learn that true fans stick by their team.  Now that you have a winning team, in the future when they suck you have to stick by them, we shouldn’t see empty bleachers next year like every year prior to this.  To bad for sox tickets as it was cheaper to fly to Tampa and buy a ticket then I was to buy a ticket at Fenway… now not so much, looks like we will all just have to go to Baltimore games

What to expect

October 23, 2008

What can you expect from my blog?  I’d say a little of everything.  Maybe a little bit of my thoughts on Entertainment, Hollywood, Wrestling or Sports Entertainment, Movie reviews, politics, and overall just the thoughts that float around my head… heck maybe even a recipe or two….

Funny Thought

October 23, 2008

Not a huge fan of SNL but they do have some funny stuff… for some reason lately the only thing i can picture for the next political skit should be a remake of the bar scene from Top gun, Tina Fey as Palin playing the role the instructor, and of course McCain being the Maverick character singing I’ve lost that lovin feeling…. you propbably could even scrape up some of the old top gun guys like Kilmer and Tim Robins for this one…. I’m sure this will never be done, but I still smile when i think what if it did….

Welcome to my world…. a journey though my thoughts

October 23, 2008

Whats going on world… Not sure what made me open a Blog, but I have.  Let me give you some background… I’m 30 years old, recently laid off and in this wonderful ecconomic time it stinks.  I’ve worked for big and small business alike and let me tell you its everyones fault that we are here.  You watch politics and the commercials that you see make is seem like its one person or anothers fault, in reality everyone is at fault.  If you think about it, we are limited by our choices cause only so many people run.  Alot of us treat it like a popularity contest at school, some like people for looks, others because they are trendy, others because everyone else does, but in reality are we looking at the substance of each of our choices.  I’m not talking Obama and McCain directly, I’m talking every local, every state senator and representative.  Lets face it they are the ones that have the control, they can make laws for states, they can make laws for the country, heck the congress can turn over anything the president Vitos if they have the support.  Alot of people dont think their person has much pull, or that they vote for people because thats what they know, thats what they grew up with, or even just with name recognition. 

I guess what I’m saying is that we all have to pay attention to what is being done, cause every little ripple in time we leave, makes a mark on our world.  All it takes is one idea, one person, or one event to truly change the world.  Weather thats an asteroid hitting the planet giving us an ice age, a president freeing slaves, or a preacher calling for equil rights, all it takes is one person, one voice, one idea.  A non political example of this is the growth of the animimation company Pixar.  They had a vision to change animation, and they did it with a short…. they developed a story that tugged at the hears of its readers (even before anyone saw animation)  then they thew themselves into the deep end and challenged themselves…. the animation world was never the same again and never will be.  One small animation studio changed the likes of Disney, among others.

there are plenty of people out there thought history that did this, their companys or websites are the likes of Microsoft, Apple, MySpace, Facebook, Google, and YouTube. 

I guess in summery what I’m trying to say is everyone makes a mark, a dent into this world.  Some might feel invisible, others might wish they were, however we all make a mark, and every ones voice matters.  those colective voices have big decisions ahead of them, and sure there are outside influences.  We have to not only pay attention, and find out specifically what our politicians stand for, but pay attention to make sure they are the same person we elected last time.  If you don’t like something, then say something, or vote, or run yourself for a local office.  Every voice matters in some way, and everyone can make a difference. 

my advice to anyone who cares:  Find something your passionate about, and when you find it, don’t let go!

Hello world!

October 23, 2008

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